Our Team

Our Team

The ONA multidisciplinary team is made up of researchers and technicians who are committed to achieving the objectives and success of the Observatory. Thus, thanks to their proven research experience and their in-depth knowledge of the research ecosystem in Quebec in one or more fields of specialty useful to the ONA, ONA researchers contribute to the realization of its programming of research. They participate to varying degrees in carrying out research projects as well as in leading and mobilizing stakeholders. They are accompanied by a team of technicians and professionals from Cégep de Thetford who contribute to the smooth running and advancement of the research work.

Annie Rochette

Executive Director


418 338-8591, ext. 296#

Louis Laferrière

Chercheur principal –



418 338-8591, ext. 668#

Caroline Chouinard

Project Manager – Health


418 338-8591, ext. 478#

Francis Donati-Daoust

Research professor –

Département de Technologie


Project Manager – Environment


418 338-8591, ext. 188#

Claudia Dostie

Documentation technician 


418 338-8591, ext. 222#

Sylvie Lessard

Administrative Assistant


418 338-8591, ext. 641#