Advisory Committees

A consultation structure is put in place to promote exchanges and stakeholder engagement in order to enrich knowledge relating to the mandate of the ONA in an inclusive and participatory approach.

Sectoral advisory committees


  • Inform the ONA about the needs and challenges of their sector, about the knowledge and data that their members hold or which they would need to transform the mining liabilities of asbestos regions into sustainable assets
  • Share their experiences, their concerns and their knowledge relating to the initiatives proposed by their respective communities
  • Mobilize and animate their sector and their communities in order to develop solutions, in a dynamic of participatory governance in asbestos regions

  • Civil Society and Associations Committee
    Representatives of associations or NPOs, first nations, local or regional committees, citizens, etc., involved in the development or reconversion of sites, concerned by the presence of asbestos in the environment or by the valorization of AMT, involved in community projects or linked to the health of populations and concerned by the sustainable development of regions formerly exploiting asbestos mines. For reasons of efficiency, the number of representatives is limited to one per group/organization.
  • Composition du comité
  • Municipal Committee
  • Mayors and general directors of the cities concerned by the development and mobilization of AMTs, prefects and general directors of the MRCs concerned, responsible for files (environment, public works, land use planning, etc.), representatives of the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing (MAMH), and representatives of indigenous communities, etc.                                                                          
  • Business and Economic Development Committee
  • Members representing AMT development, revegetation or site restoration companies, representatives of economic development organizations, chambers of commerce, tourism-oriented businesses, financial institutions, regional economic development directorates , etc.


Thematic advisory committees are committees formed on the basis of the skills of their members. The members of these committees are experts invited to provide professional insight, in particular, on specific questions, on protocols or on research results.


  • Inform ONA about existing knowledge and data in their respective areas of expertise and in connection with ONA’s research programming
  • Share their experiences, concerns and knowledge relating to the mobilization of AMTs or the proposed valorization initiatives
  • Mobilize their network in order to develop solutions, in a dynamic of participatory governance in asbestos regions


Thematic advisory committees are working committees made up of representatives with expertise on a specific theme.

Their composition may differ depending on the nature of the issues studied and the projects. The composition and contribution of committee members will be specified in the communications associated with the work of these committees.